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3D Vulva and Clitoris:

essential tools for sex education and therapy

Imagine an anatomical model where the clitoris, a central part of female physiology, is easily assembled and disassociated from the vulva, offering a dynamic and realistic representation of female sexual anatomy.

A tool that not only educates but inspires, revealing the complexity and beauty of female sexual anatomy in a way never seen before.

We’ve heard your requests: a modularvulva, showing both resting and aroused states, for a deeper understanding of the physiological changes that take place during sexual response.

This educational kit has been designed in collaboration with sexual health professionals to provide an accurate and informative tool on female sexual anatomy.

Each model, made from durable materials, offers a faithful representation of anatomical structures, providing a better understanding of female sexual physiology.

  • Features:
    • Anatomical 3D models of the vulva and clitoris, representing states of rest and arousal.
    • A variety of skin tones for an inclusive approach to sex education.
    • Flexible, durable materials for regular use in educational and clinical settings.
  • How to use :
    • An ideal tool for teaching and consulting in sexual health.
    • Helps explain the physiological mechanisms of female sexuality.
    • Helps demystify and address sensitive sexual issues.
  • Practical information:
    • The kit includes displays and a carrying case for easy use in a variety of contexts.
    • Available in different configurations and prices, adapted to the specific needs of professionals.

A teaching tool for professionals

These vulvas and clitorises have been designed by sexual health professionals to facilitate learning and discussion about female sexuality.

Catherine TROADEC is a clinical psychologist and holds a Master 2 Professional degree in Intercultural Psychopathology, Clinical Social Relations, Crisis Situations and Clinical Psychopathology from the University of Nice, as well as a University Diploma in Clinical Criminology and a University Diploma in Psychiatric and Psychological Forensic Expertise from the University of Lyon 1. In addition to her clinical practice, which is divided between her work in institutions with young unaccompanied minors and her private practice, she is a trainer, author and co-editor of the blog.

Dr Arnaud ZELER is a Doctor of Medicine, graduate of the Strasbourg Faculty of Medicine and holder of the Diplôme d’Etudes Spécialisées de Médecine Générale. A full member of the Association Inter-disciplinaire post-Universitaire de Sexologie, he is an author, trainer and lecturer, and a private practitioner of sexual medicine.

Both holders of the Diplôme Inter-Universitaire de Sexologie (the only French sexology diploma recognized by the Ordre des Médecins) from the Faculté de Médecine de Lyon, they are regular contributors to EVRAS workshops and training courses for caregivers.

The 3D teaching kit is designed to help health and education professionals pass on a better understanding of female sexual anatomy.

Feedback from sexologists

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The use of 3D teaching tools enhances understanding for patients and/or students, and makes it easier to tackle these complex subjects thanks to a concrete visualization of the physiological mechanisms of sexuality.

Examples of use

These models can be used in a variety of educational contexts, from individual consultations to group workshops.

In each case, the physical presence of an anatomical model can help demystify female sexual mechanisms and initiate open discussions.

Diversity and inclusivity

Our commitment to inclusive sex education is reflected in the diversity of skin tones in our models, enabling every user to find a representation that speaks to them. This inclusive approach aims to strengthen the identification and appropriation of educational material by a wide range of users.


Tools to suit all budgets

For the majority of health and education professionals, budget is a major concern in the quest for quality teaching tools.

That’s why we’ve designed an educational kit on female sexual anatomy that combines quality, accessibility and innovation, without compromising your budget.

We offer the lowest possible prices for individual components, and sliding-scale prices for volume orders.

Because we believe that quality education should not be limited by budget.

What’s more, the models are easy to maintain and clean, and are made from hard-wearing materials to ensure optimum durability.

Transform your approach to education today:

Educational benefits

Our models are not just teaching tools, they are facilitators of dialogue and understanding. They allow us to tackle concepts that are still too taboo in an accessible and engaging way, paving the way for more open discussions on sexuality.


These 3D models of vulvas and clitorises show the female sexual organs in precise detail. They help us to better understand subjects that are often misunderstood.

But they don’t just teach anatomy; they also help to facilitate discussions and a better understanding of sexuality.

Designed to break down taboos and open up horizons for discussion that are often considered complex or delicate, they transform learning about sexuality into an experience that is both accessible and captivating.

They facilitate enriching and open conversations about sexuality, enabling educators, health professionals and the public to navigate these waters with confidence and sensitivity.

By making female sexual anatomy clearer and less intimidating, these models are not just educational tools. They also help us to better understand and respect the human body.

Why choose our models?

We know that there are already a variety of vulva models on the market, but ours are distinguished by several major innovations:

1. Representation of the sexual response

Our models offer a unique representation of the clitoris and vulva, illustrating the phases of rest and excitement. This dynamic approach, often neglected in the representation of female sexuality, provides a richer and more realistic understanding. 

For example, the vulva at rest has tight lips, a wedged foreskin and a closed vaginal entrance, while the model in a state of arousal reveals parted lips, a retracted foreskin and an open vaginal entrance. 

Resting vulva
Aroused vulva

2. Precise anatomy of the different types of erectile tissue

Our clitoris model represents a major innovation compared with other 3D models: by taking into account the location of the various erectile tissues – the spongy tissue in the bulbs and glans, and the cavernous tissue in the pillars and shaft – we’ve created an anatomically faithful model that accurately illustrates the complex structure of this organ.

This new look at the clitoral anatomy provides a better analogy with the male organs and is a significant advance on the majority of current models, in which the glans of the clitoris is represented in the same colour as the pillars.


3. Diversity

Vulva kits are available in a range of shades, from light to dark, to represent the diversity of skin colours.


4. Solidity and flexibility

Before creating our own vulva models, we carefully examined a multitude of existing models. Those made of plastic or using PLA printing often proved to be either excessively rigid or remarkably fragile.

As for the silicone models tested, they were particularly prone to scratches and tears, making them difficult to handle when passed from hand to hand.

By choosing a flexible TPU-based material, we’ve managed to combine the robustness of plastic with essential flexibility, making interactions both fun and educational.


An example of an incident involving a silicone vulva: the foreskin tore after a simple manipulation.

These characteristics lead us to firmly believe that these new vulva models are perfectly suited to practical use, whether in consultation or during educational sessions.

What’s more, they greatly facilitate an in-depth understanding of physiological processes and establish an enriching analogy with the models of male genitalia that we plan to develop in the near future.


Small details and attention to detail that make all the difference:

Displays and carrying case included

We are committed to offering you a complete and practical experience.

That’s why, with every kit purchase, we include little extras that make all the difference:

  • Practical displays In our kits, for each vulva purchased, we offer you an elegant and discreet display, designed to showcase your 3D vulvas and 3D clitorises during your presentations or consultations. They are foldable, take up little space when folded and can be stored easily in the carry case.

  • A personalised carrying case: as well as the displays, each kit comes with an elegant, sturdy carrying case. Made from high-quality cotton canvas with a metal zip and flocked with the Sexoblogue colours, it’s perfect for carrying and protecting your teaching aids. This kit can easily hold 2 vulvas, 2 clitorises, 2 displays and a teaching card, so you can take your models anywhere safely.

These extra touches are our way of thanking you for your trust and commitment to quality sex education.

Vulvas are available in three shades of flesh: light, brown and black. Select the colour you want before adding the kit to your basket. If you would like several kits in different colours, simply change the colour and add a new kit to the basket.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions

We are honoured and touched by the support of Iv Psalti, President of AFPSS (Association Francophone pour la Promotion de la Santé Sexuelle) and Head of the Certified Training in Conjugal Therapy and Positive Sexuality.

We’re very proud of her praise for our educational 3D vulva models and her recommendation of our products.


Imagine a moment in a classroom, where a teacher, Madame Dubois, is preparing to tackle a subject often considered complex: female sexual physiology. Surrounding her was a group of pupils who were curious but slightly uncomfortable about the lesson. Madame Dubois then produced an educational kit with detailed models of vulvas and clitorises. The atmosphere is immediately relaxed.

With remarkable ease, she begins by showing the model of the clitoris at rest. The pupils are intrigued by the detailed and precise structure. She then moves on to the erect model, provoking an open exchange about the physiological changes during arousal. The questions are starting to fly in, a sign of growing interest.

Madame Dubois continues with models of vulvas, illustrating the differences between states of rest and arousal. The students, now fully engaged, compare the models, noticing the subtleties and anatomical details. The teacher uses the different skin tones of the models to emphasise the importance of diversity and inclusion.

What began as a taboo subject is transformed into an interactive session, where students explore, question and understand the mechanisms of female sexual physiology. Madame Dubois smiles, knowing that she has not only imparted essential knowledge, but also opened up a space for healthy and respectful dialogue on such a crucial subject.

In this class, Ms Dubois did more than simply pass on knowledge; she also fulfilled a legal requirement, under the laws that make sex education compulsory in schools. Despite their importance, these laws are too often ignored, depriving young people of an essential understanding of their own bodies and those of others. With this lesson, Ms Dubois is doing more than simply educating: she is honouring a legal and ethical commitment to her pupils, offering them the opportunity to develop in an environment where knowledge is the foundation of respect for oneself and others.

They already trust us