3D two-tone resting and erecting clitoris kit with educational card

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Discover our two-tone 3D Clitoris Kit – Rest and Erection, designed to offer an accurate and instructive representation of the female anatomy. This kit is an essential tool for sex education, medical care and anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge of female anatomy.

Our kit includes two life-size 3D clitoral models: one at rest and one in a state of arousal, enabling you to appreciate the anatomical variations. Each model is carefully designed to depict the glans and clitoral bulbs with distinct coloration, offering a clear illustration of these important structures.

The kit is complemented by a detailed educational card that explains the anatomy of the clitoris, highlights the unique features of each model and offers advice on their use for sex education or medical care.

The models are made from PLA, a sustainable and ecological material made from environmentally-friendly corn starch. Unlike other petroleum-based models, our 3D clitoris is designed to be both accurate and environmentally friendly.

With this kit, you can :

  1. Improve sex education: Use these models to explain female anatomy clearly and accurately, whether you’re a healthcare professional, educator or parent.
  2. Facilitating communication in healthcare: For healthcare professionals, these models can help to explain medical procedures or solve health problems in a way that is easier for patients to understand.
  3. Increase your own knowledge: If you’re simply curious to know more about your own body or the female anatomy, these models can be a valuable learning tool.

Experience anatomical precision with our two-tone 3D Clitoris Kit – Rest and Erection. Order yours today!


  • Material: eco-friendly PLA
  • Size: Actual size
  • States: Rest and Erection
  • Colors: Two-tone for accurate representation of structures: gray for cavernous bodies and blue for spongy bodies.
  • Includes: Detailed educational map (in french)

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